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Reducing your waste is a journey. Some things are easy to change, others difficult. Don't be discouraged if zero waste seems impossible – embrace the small wins as every bit helps.


Here's our top 10 tips for reducing your waste:


1. BYO water bottle, coffee cup, shopping bags. A lightweight kit in your bag of reusable spork, drinking straw and napkin also helps.


2. Compost your garden waste and food scraps. 


3. Use plastic free versions of everyday items eg. bamboo toothbrushes and hairbrushes instead of plastic ones. They generally last longer, use less energy to make and can be composted at the end of their lives.


4. Plan your meals and use what you have left in the fridge.  


5. Borrow items that you won't use often like shoes for a special event.


6. Shop secondhand first. If you need to buy new, buy the best quality you can afford – it will last longer.


7. Less is more – only buy what you need.


8. Pick up rubbish when you're out and dispose of it thoughtfully.


9. Repair items instead of throwing them away.


10. Buy food with minimal or no packaging.


Don't be afraid to ask shops to fill your reusable cup instead of their single use cups. During Plastic Free July we got ice cream sundaes from Ben & Jerry's in our keep cups - they can be used for more than just coffee!

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