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Catching up...

Grab a cuppa , let us fill you in on what's been happening in store!

Thank you so much for all your enthusiasm and positive feedback. Your support and enjoyment of our shop make it a joy to come to work.

Can’t believe we’re already six weeks in – the time has gone so fast. We’re learning lots and appreciate all your suggestions for improving things. We’ve added measuring cups and jugs, long handled teaspoons and extra funnels to the tool kit so you can serve yourselves exact quantities for recipes and place herbs and spices in your small spice jars more easily. We’ve added a blackboard in the children’s play area and a pin-up board for community notices. There’s more information on the food labels about ingredients and recipes on the bread and cake mixes.

Our Loyalty Program has proved popular with just about everyone signing up for it. Don’t forget each time you come in to remind us you’re in the loyalty program so we can make sure you receive your loyalty dollars every time you buy.

We’re sorry we can’t accommodate all your food requests at once due to space limits, but so far from over a hundred requests we’ve been able to order 25 new products and hope to order more as other products run out and more room becomes available. It has been a learning curve since opening to see what customers are looking for and we have adjusted some of our products to suit. We’re also expanding our range of eco and personal care products to provide more choices. We’ve just updated our product list on the website to reflect all the new items we’ve added to our stock, including Sacred Official bamboo clothing. Priesh and his team have jumped into the muddy waters of ethical fashion with gusto and we're proud to support their endeavours to create a product that is transparent in it's production.

Lauren’s children donated their pre-loved toys and puzzles for the children’s play area as well as loaning their Halloween decorations to the shop on 31st October so we could get into the Halloween spirit. And most of the funnels for use with the gravity bins were made from cut-off plastic milk bottles. We love a bit of DIY as well as creating long lasting items we can re-use and re-purpose.

The range of recycle boxes at the front of the shop has expanded so we now have recycling containers for pens, pencils & marker pens, coffee capsules, batteries, ink cartridges, light globes and dental products. Our school initiative took off really well with six local schools taking up our offer of free recycle boxes for their broken pens, pencils and crayons. We look forward to working with teachers and students in 2019 to grow their sustainability in class and at home.

We’re looking forward to decorating for Christmas with fair-trade, sustainably sourced and earth friendly (*phew!) decorations, cards and a selection of gifts such as wooden Australian animals and sea creature puzzles, handmade by an Australian family business. Also in stock are all the goodies for your early Christmas baking prep including glace cherries, ginger, mixed fruit and peel.

It's been a wonderful time for us connecting with the community and the support we have received has been humbling to say the least. We hope that you continue to shop with us and don't forget your containers!

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