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Castile soap: A natural superhero

Castile soap is a prime ingredient when looking at natural, low tox and low waste living. It is multi purpose, forming the base of many DIY recipes for home and personal products while also being cost effective and readily available in bulk.

Castile soap was traditionally an olive oil based hard soap although now we most commonly find it in liquid form with a blend of different oils, all vegetable based. The organic Castile soap we range in our store is based from coconut and olive oils blended with vegetable glycerine.

Used on it’s own Castile soap makes a great natural hand and body wash, baby, kids and pet wash, shaving soap and even a dishwashing soap. However, it’s good to note that pure Castile soap doesn’t “lather” the way a soap normally does and can often leave a grimy residue on surfaces. Adding a few extra ingredients completely transforms this sleeper!

Body, hand and face wash:

3/4 cup Water (boiled &cooled)

1/2 cup Castile soap

1 tbl Honey (optional)

1 tbl Almond or olive oil

Combine in a bowl and whisk lightly to combine. Essential oils can be added if you wish. Pour into a soap dispenser to use.

All purpose cleaner:

1 tbl Castile soap

1 tsp washing soda

5 drops tea tree or eucalyptus oil

2 tbl vinegar

Water, boiled and cooled

Combine Castile, washing soda, oil stirring well. Pour into a spray bottle, top with water and add the vinegar last. Shake lightly to combine. Stores well out of sunlight for 3-4 weeks.

Homemade baby wipes:

1 tsp Castile soap

1 tbl Aloe vera gel

1 Tsp Witch hazel exctract

1 tbl Almond oil

1 cup Water (boiled &cooled)

Combine all ingredients into the spray bottle and shake vigorously. Spray onto a clean flannel and wipe! You can add a couple of drops of essential oils and also use paper towel if you wish.

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