Basic DIY toothpaste recipe

When I first discovered that you could MAKE toothpaste I thought "Great, cheap and easy - Winning!" Nuh-uh!

My first trial was GROSS. I've tried several different recipes and even straight bicarb. This one is the cheapest, easiest and best tasting and is a culmination of a few different recipes. It will still take some getting used to but considering it has no hidden chemicals and you can easily make with bulk-brought ingredients in a re-purposed jar I think it is worthwhile.

It doesn't contain Charcoal however you could add it in if you like.


1/2 tbl spoon Bicarb soda

1/2 tbl Bentonite clay

1/2 tbl spoon Coconut Oil, Organic

1/2 tea spoon Peppermint oil

4 drops Tea tree oil

3/4 tbl spoon Xylitol (or stevia)

Filtered Water 


Mix all ingredients together in a glass jar or bowl with a wooden or plastic utensil (the clay will react with metal). Once whipped with the coconut oil, add filtered water until you reach your desired consistency.

Keep in a sealed Jar for 1-2 weeks. If possible, keep a little popstick on hand rather than scooping out with your toothbrush.

Mixture may darken on the outside with the ingredients reacting to sunlight. The mixture is still OK, just give it a little stir up with each use.