Gluten free sponge cake (mix)



Regardless of whether you are coeliac or gluten intolerant, this mix is fantastic for when you need something for everyone.

This bakery style sponge is easy-peasy and super versatile. With a few ingredients this mix can be made into a birthday cake, cupcakes, or even a sponge roll!



Makes one standard cake (8") or 12 cupcakes

400gm Gluten free sponge mix*

3ea       Eggs

125ml  Water


Sift dry mix into a large bowl

Whisk eggs and water to break down eggs

Whisk wet mix into dry until smooth but take care not to over mix. 2 minutes should be plenty.

Pour into lined 8" cake tin or cupcake pans

Bake at 160 degC for 20 minutes (cake) or 12-15 minutes (cupcakes), checking by pressing lightly into the centre.

If top bounces back, cake is done. Can also check with a skewer if you wish.

Leave to cool in the pan before removing as sponge can be soft.

Ice simply with whipped cream and fresh berries or try our buttercream recipe

Dry Mix ingredients: Sugar, potato starch, rice flour, raising agents, modified starch (1442), emulsifiers (soy), thickeners, salt *Contains Soy